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moon, above us! Marvellous! Ah, a▓ book!” And, attracted by Ant▓onio’s smile to the volume, he took it up, a▓

nd read by the clear moonlig●ht, “‘Life of Dante.’ Only▓ his life! Nay, had it been h●is Divina Commedia, his soul-thrill●ing p

  • Our Curabitur dictum

    oesy, I could better ha▓ve forgiven thy neglect.” ▓ “Yet, perchance, had his life ●no Beatrice, Guiseppe, I

    taly had had● no poet.” “It was Beatrice, then, that▓ so enchanted thee! Come, that’s some c▓omfort for my pride.I give thee

  • Nam a mauris Pellentesque

    pe▓rmission to neglect me for her.Y●et,” he added, after a brief pause, “how k▓now we it was not all illusio?/p>

    駈—a vision of the poet—a fancy—a b▓eautiful creation I have often th●ought it too shadowy, too much ▓of the ideal, for dull, da


  • rk reality.” “●Illusion or reality, oh! it was bl▓essed for Italy, thrice-blessed for the po▓et!” answere

  • d Antonio, with such unaff▓ected fervour, that it extended to his compa●nion.“Without Beatrice, what had Dante b●een A poet, perch

  • ance, but wanting the glo▓w, the life, the thrilling beauty, n▓ow gushing so eloquently from every lin▓

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